Event 2022


Shenzhen Design Week 22 & Shenzhen Global Design Award 22

SHENZHEN DESIGN WEEK: The exhibition between design and project culture that tells the best of contemporary Chinese and international production

9 June 2022 from 11.30 to 13.00

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Dalia Gallico president of Art Lab - the center that promotes the innovation of the international "project culture" - presents the Shenzhen Design Week and the international Shenzhen Global Design Award in Milan, in the beautiful Museo d ' Art and Science.

Shenzhen Design Week 22 (sixth edition) and the Shenzhen Global Design Award (fourth edition) enhance the international reach of Chinese and international designers, with the aim of selecting the projects that best represent the best design culture in the world, including leading names in the Chinese and international context.

Liu Xiaodu Curator will present.  Architect, partner of URBANUS architectural design firm, presiding architect. The first president of Shenzhen Design Capital Promotion Association, and the academic committee member of the Shenzhen/Hong Kong Urban/Architecture Bi-city Biennale (UABB) The current curator of Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum.

Projects that testify to the renewed dynamism of the Chinese context, its exceptional creativity and the influence it has all over the world, thanks to the diversity of its users and admirers. The richness of design is highlighted in its realization, in the novelty of uses, sustainability, the numerous artisan and industrial skills involved, flanked by personalized or unique proposals for the sectors of culture and creativity.

Creating the "ideal bridge" between Milan Design Week and Shenzhen Design Week will be the visionary lectio Magistralis by Michele de Lucchi, Architect, Designer and Academic, one of the great names in world architecture.Graduated in architecture in Florence, he was immediately one of the prominent elements in movements such as Cavart, Alchimia and Memphis. He carries out projects all over the world, ranging from commercial to residential environments, from workplaces to design. For example, the “Tolomeo” lamp by Artemide, an international cult object, is his. Pavilion Zero of the Expo is also his, as well as the new images of Enel, Poste Italiane, Telecom Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo and a long series of prestigious buildings around the world bear his signature. His professional work has always been accompanied by personal research on the themes of design, technology and craftsmanship. He is the founder and part of AMDL CIRCLE, a multidisciplinary design studio that has been focusing on the Earth Stations project since 2018, a new type of buildings that use humanistic and technological knowledge to foster human relationships.

Coordinates the project Dalia Gallico, President of Art Lab and of the Degree Course in Fashion and Design, S. Raffaele University of Rome. Milan Humanitarian Society Training Director. Art Director and Head of Visual Communication of the Exhibitions at Palazzo Reale Milano. Associate Professor CAFA China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Beijing. Visiting Professor in Peking University, National Center for Research into Intercultural Communication of Arts and National Institute of Design Paldi Ahmedabad India. Former President of ADI Lombardia (Industrial Design Association). 

The official ceremony for the passage from Milan to Shenzhen Design Week will take place on 9 June at 11.30 in the Conference Hall of the Museum of Art and Science, via Q. Sella 4, corner of Piazza Castello, Milan. 

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