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Architecture, technology and art & design are the watchwords for the beginning of the new “Nexion Lithic” era; the event in which the only Italian sintered stone company par excellence with a production facility in India will be exhibiting on the 9th of June at Fuorisalone.

Nexion Design Talk is inspired by the main pillars that enshroud the Salone del Mobile 2022 and reflect the brand’s core values. Honesty, transparency, and both service and product quality perfectly intersect with the Design Week’s chosen theme: “Between Space and Time”; an invitation to reflect on the changes the world is currently facing and those changes needed to sustainably achieve essential future-oriented objectives.

As a result, the launch of the new Stone Gallery will be completely innovative: the dynamic talks from some of the leading figures in various cultural spheres will take the form of continuous fusions and connections, in keeping with all the forms of Nexion’s sintered material.

The participants will be welcomed to a picturesque setting within the Moscova design district. The enchanting Pacifico restaurant, one of the most renowned in Milan, in via della Moscova 29, will provide the backdrop to Nexion’s presentation, by reiterating the management team's deep ties with the world of Italian design and architecture.

This location - designed by interior designer Marsica Fossati (ETRO-provided catering and contract furniture) - boasts an elegant yet refined aesthetic and is guaranteed to take your breath away; it seamlessly connects the Peruvian and Japanese styles by putting the Pacific Ocean front and centre, and creating a perfect harmony between the two cuisines and the historical-political relationship between Peru and Japan, a cultural partnership that will be touched upon during the event by the CEO of the We are Pacifico group. This connection also hints at Nexion’s close ties with Italy and India; where Italian know-how and expertise fuses with a deep-seated Indian culture.

The artistic direction is entrusted to Marina Pizziolo, an internationally-renowned art curator and quite frankly, the perfect expert to talk about and home in on the important ties between the two worlds that set Nexion apart: Italy and India.

Therefore, everything has been carefully thought-out with beauty, nature and art in mind, to create a space in which these three elements intertwine, blend and fuse together, to create a new, unique and unpredictable project. The work of Dario Tironi: a Roman and Greek-inspired innovative anthropomorphic sculpture, created from the company’s typical, signature element... Nexion sintered stone.

In a bid to pay homage to the thousands-year-old stratification of ancient sedimentary rocks, the artist has succeeded in transforming this statue into a symbol and manifesto of the unfinished, waiting to be discovered, by making this piece truly communicative and evocative, thanks to the material’s high artistic and architectural potential.

Nexion International

“The idea of layers of sedimentary rock being formed is the central concept behind our sculpture. In fact, the aim was to create a tangible parallelism between artistic creation and the company's constant development, thus, culminating in the Stone Gallery. We also wanted to use this project as a means of paying homage to nature as an inspiration for technological innovation, with a view to constantly striving to attain a realistic natural effect. Furthermore, it was our designer, Uber Montorsi, and style department, who conceived and developed this vision of complexity and research that led to the material’s improvement from an aesthetic, tactile, emotional and resistant point of view, thus allowing us to achieve the perfect results in this important research and innovation-based project” concludes CEO, Luca Majocchi.

Rising star architect, Stefano Belingardi, will also talk about Milan’s architectural evolution and discuss how sintered material can be used in a historical and environmental context, much like the one in which we are living.

The event’s poster will be entrusted to Emiliano Ponzi - a skilled visual artist and illustrator of the Salone del Mobile 2022, NY Times and MoMA - to promote communication and consolidate all of the project’s excellence into a single design and graphics tool.

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