Event 2023

Designing future - Cesare Roversi & YACademy

Cesare Roversi's presence at Fuorisalone 2023 looks to the future. It does so by giving expression to the talent and ideas of YACademy's students. The historic company from Moglia has collaborations with the most illustrious Italian designers to its credit and has started to collaborate with the prestigious school of architecture working alongside its international students in the realization of projects conducted within the relevant classes.

The result of this collaboration are five architectural mockups conceived by as many teams of international students, who have dealt with real design topics under the curatorship of big names in design during YACademy's 2022 classes.

Two projects offer potential interior design solutions for 10 Corso Como, the well-known Milanese concept store. This was the result of the "architecture for fashion" classes, whose tutorship was entrusted to Giuseppe Zampieri from David Chipperfield Architects Milano, one of the best-known and prestigious firms on the international scenario which has collaborated in the fashion industry with brands like Kenzo and Valentino. Two are also the projects of the "architecture for heritage" classes proposing installation and exhibition solutions for historical sites of particular importance. In this case, the workshop topic concerned the redevelopment of an ancient Irish priory, under the award-winning McCollough and Mulvin firm, author of the expansion of Trinity College and the library in Rush, Ireland, among others.

Attention should be also drawn to the project carried out in collaboration with WWF, under the tutorship of Francesca Singer, partner of SANAA, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa’s firm, winner of the Pritzker prize in 2010. Here the project of the "architecture for landscape" class involved the creation of seating and observation points for the oasis of the Bussento caves, one of the most important natural areas in Italy.

The mockups with related storytelling are displayed in Cesare Roversi and YACademy’s spaces in Via Maroncelli in Milan, just a stone's throw from 10 Corso Como – one of the partners of the courses - and Fondazione Feltrinelli, a project by the Swiss studio Herzog & De Meuron, one of the professors at the prestigious school.


YAC’s profile

With 10 years’ experience and a network comprising some of the most renowned firms in contemporary design, YAC is an international reference in curating cultural initiatives related to the world of art and architecture. Founded as an organizer of design competitions, it has organized more than 50 competitions involving architects from more than 140 different countries. YAC is also the founder of YACademy, an educational institute that provides talented young architects with its extremely valuable networking. The school is located in a suggestive historical building in the heart of Bologna, next to the square Piazza Santo Stefano. Every year, in its premises more than 200 young people from all over the world take part in its courses, working on real projects for excellent clients, under the tutorship of the world's most accomplished professionals (including no fewer than 10 Pritzker Prizes: the "Nobels" of architecture). In 2020, together with the Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi, YAC established Tresoldi Academy, an educational project aimed at attracting the interest of young people in the languages of contemporary art, with the collaboration of Renzo Piano's G124.


Cesare Roversi profile

Founded in Moglia (Mantua) in 1946, Cesare Roversi Arredamenti is a firm specialising in architecture for interiors and furniture for homes, hotels, and offices, specilized in contract progects.

Production flexibility is a strength at Cesare Roversi, since on one hand, it is able to work on projects on a case-by-case basis, creating furnishings from designs and to size, while on the other, it is able to create serial products on a vast scale, and always with a guarantee of accurate design services, assistance, transport and assembly. This allowed to work with some of the most important architectural firms and general contractors.

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Sito Web: www.roversi.it

Email: ufficio.tecnico@roversi.it


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