Event 2023

Prendete e Mangiate

The exhibition brings together international artists, artisans, and designers who present their personal perspective on the theme of the table. Called upon to share their stories through their objects, they metaphorically sit at this table with sensitivities of different ages and cultures, from different creative approaches. It is precisely around the table, during the sharing of meals, that conviviality and lightness allow us to lower our defenses and enter into sincere relationships with others. The idea of "feeding" dialogue, or "nurturing" a feeling, is part of our common language. How deeply is this basic fact of eating embedded in the structure of how we perceive reality? In words resides our way of ordering the world. Let us then exchange food and words around a unique table where creativity is the key. "Take and eat" is an invitation from the gospel, which questions us about a fundamental yet open question: does man live on bread alone? Nourishing the body becomes a metaphor for nourishing the mind and soul. The exhibition is therefore an invitation to share cultural and spiritual food, "taking and eating" from the food juxtaposed with the design objects. Performative interventions and talks that connect design with performing arts, poetry, and cooking will alternate around the installation throughout the week in a shared and ongoing symposium. In a time of global disorder and upheaval, we want to restore the sense of connection between human beings, connecting ideas, sharing stories, and nurturing ideals. We do so through two facts that constitute all living beings: eating and communicating.

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The partecipants

1220° ceramics - Lior Shachar (born 1967) lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. His brand 1220° ceramics develops handmade designs of ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils, with a distinctive language and technique involving the freehand pouring of clay into a slab.

Adam Knoche (1986) is an American artist who has been working in the field of ceramic art since 2009. His approach derives from materiality, experimentation, memories and travel. Adam employs both traditional methods of working with clay, as well as non-traditional methods, such as pulverising clay to create fractured and rough surfaces.

Aina Kari' is based on three fundamental pillars: Italian craftsmanship, sustainability and a bold combination of materials. Aina Kari is designed to tell a story; a story that celebrates tradition andcontemporaneity in art, design and craftsmanship, without making any compromises on the sustainability of ingredients and production processes. Aina Kari proudly carries Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark certification, testimony of a truly sustainable company.

Aintdsgn is a contemporary design company that focuses on the fusion of form and material, with clean,
essential lines. Sculptural products, made from high quality natural raw materials.Travelling through Italy in
search of new inspirations, Aintdsgn creates unique pieces highlighting the dialogue between the stages of
conception and production, between designer and craftsman.

Alexander Kirkeby is a glassblower and designer working in the field of material and object design. In search of unexpected tactile experiences with a deep connection to tradition, he creates unique and functional glass objects. He seeks to explore functionality, develop methods of decoration and seeks a more twisted aesthetic.

Ana Villegas is an artist, illustrator and ceramicist born in Vigo, Spain. She currently lives and works in Italy. Classically trained, she bases her artistic practice on drawing and painting, textile printing, art graphics, picture books and ceramic making.

Anna Karontzou - Born and based in Athens, Greece, with a background as a conservator of art and antiquities, she is inspired in her work by ancient civilisations and natural environments. Her objects combine the ancient with the contemporary, using materials found in places she feels
connected to, capturing memories.

Anubha Sood lives and works in New York City. Her exploratory practice is devoted to the study of bio-materials, from bacteria and human hair to her latest, seagrasses. Her formative years were spent in India,where she witnessed the environmental and social toll exacted by the textile industry in her native home.
Sood's work critiques these current production systems while visualising a more sustainable path forward. She sees weaving, the intuitive act of making, as a personal healing process and a catalyst to physically engage with her environment.

Astrid Luglio (1988) is an Italian designer. In her designs she conveys stories, building scenarios that are as visionary as they are practical, valuing simple things and respecting the authenticity of materials. She works for Italian and international brands, art and design galleries, exclusive bars and restaurants. She presents the 'Travasi' and 'Tulipe' collections for this exhibition.

Beatrice Carolina Gambato (1992) presents a new project for this exhibition: EPOI, a stoneware centrepiece. Its nature is multifunctional and the possibility, by turning it upside down, of arranging it in different conformations allows EPOI to adapt to the free interpretation of its owner.

Casa Remedios stems from Serena Cancellier and Mercedes Salazar's desire to create universal Remedios. For this exhibition they present TODO ES IRREAL: an instinctive and necessary gesture, such as that of feeding oneself, is sublimated, spiritual and surreal, as if to suggest that the remedy for our lives in matter is the way of the spirit.

Catto Design Studio is a ceramics and design studio based in Brooklyn, NY, founded by Dutch designer Mariette Groen. Her style combines elements of everyday New York life with the peculiarities of different cultures she has interacted with during her life, including Indian, Italian and London. Her ceramic pieces are mainly modelled by hand and made on the potter's wheel using a combination of methods. CATTO tries to
convey beauty with a certain airiness, something unexpected and even a slight sense of humour. CATTO's pieces are not only decorative elements, but also serve both utility and function, reflecting the artist's choice to give each work a story.

Charline Ronzon-Jaricot is a French designer best known for her research on olfaction and fragrances. She presents in this exhibition the project Générescence, a collection that blurs the boundary between what is alive and what is inert, suggesting a dialogue between a vase and bulbs of garlic and onions, which release their life by making visible the energy and nourishment that are normally concealed.

Chris Fusaro is an Italian-Canadian artist and designer. He presents the Pasta Persa Project, the result of a series of experiments aimed at transforming pasta into kitchen tools, everyday utensils raised to the status of works of art, which create a short-circuit between the meanings and references between the world of pasta and that of metals.

Cote Garcia is a Chilean designer and artist based in New York. Always attracted to beauty, the perfect imperfection of things and elegant simplicity, she is inspired for her ceramic work by the nostalgia and memories of Latin America, nature, traditional crafts and textiles of the places she travels to.

DBO Home, with a commitment to craftsmanship and high quality materials, husband and wife team Daniel Oates and Dana Brandwein create modern family heirlooms by hand in their studios in rural Connecticut.

DecorAzione di Angela Florio - as a development of the Metropolitan Jungle project, artist-designer Angela Florio presents Tracce plates, made by 'four hands' in collaboration with ceramic atelier RanaBa.

Eleit is a startup founded by Titti Gallucci with the mission to promote, in Italy and abroad, through an exclusive line of objects, design and manufacturing excellence 'Made in Italy', an expression of the history of the territory to which they belong. Eleit.it is a project for the enhancement of the "Italian Food Experience" that intends to stimulate a dialogue between designers, craftsmanship and haute Italian cuisine. From the synergy between these three expressions, through research and networking, it aims at a careful selection of partners to create objects capable of establishing new experiences in a process of exaltation of taste.

Haley Bates is an artist from Fort Collins, Colorado, whose work explores human interconnectedness through the lens of functionality, design and craftsmanship. For the exhibition she will show a series of works based on the spoon, which for her represents an object at once intimate and public, it is both inside and outside the body. It is an extension of our cupped palm.

Hana Karim (1988) is an artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The work presented in this exhibition is a composition of broken pieces of her creations. Fragments brought together into a new whole, creating a hypnotic contrast between soft shapes and sharp edges. The act of not discarding the fragments, no matter how frequent the breakages are in high-temperature firing, becomes a poetic metaphor in this work.

Ilaria Bianchi is a product and furniture designer, a journalist and a professor based in Milan. She works for design studios, galleries, companies and private clients. She blends craft and techniques, studying design solutions with an analytical and critical perspective, with a strong focus on sustainability. She will Present some hand painted artisanal pieces from hel collection "Temperanza"

Jeremy Sinkus finds inspiration in the natural world, particularly in minerals and their infinite variations. After experimenting with hot glass, he discovered a passion for flame work on borosilicate glass and later switched to fused glass to achieve more authentic mineral designs. Through his work, he aims to participate in the geological process of glass creation and bring a contemporary perspective to the world of precious stones and minerals. He now works in his green energy studio in Massachusetts, using various techniques to manipulate glass and constantly seeking new ideas for his art.

Kristin Burgham is a Melbourne-based ceramicist. She is fascinated by ceramics and objects trouves. For the exhibition she presents a series of porcelain objects that reveal the work of unknown makers: we consume and buy without considering or knowing the people who make our everyday objects. Her ceramic works are made to reveal the mark of the creators.

LAM Ceramics - Michele Hickey Gemin graduated in Fine Arts from F.I.T. New York. After living in New York, London and Krakow, she settled in Venice where she opened her studio LAM Ceramica. Combining the techniques of wheel-work and hand-building, she creates functional objects with a minimal and sculptural design.

Miranda Keyes is a London-based sculptor who straddles the disciplines of art and design. She uses glass as her main material, mixing traditional lampworking and kiln techniques in combination with oil painting and lost wax casting to create forms often taken from the traditional vocabulary of the goblet. Studio Kalff is a Dutch studio that creates functional and sustainable works that combine historical and contemporary elements. Studio Kalff uses vintage materials, such as glass and porcelain, to create unique, handmade design objects.

Sun Hee Moon, born in Seoul in 1970, moved to Brazil at the age of two. She grew up in a small suburb of Rio de Janeiro, where she developed her passion for art by visiting museums and attending drawing classes. She graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning at Mackenzie University in São Paulo and began painting figuratively, inspired by her culture of origin and the places she visited. In 1998, she moved to Italy, where she currently lives and works in Grado. The protagonist of group and solo exhibitions, she is vice-president of ARCOI, which promotes the work of Korean artists in Italy, encouraging dialogue between the two cultures.

The Art Flower Maker is Marcella Trimarchi's project, where her ephemeral creations are permanently captured through photography and sculpture.With her metal creations, Marcella wants to capture the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Vittorio Passaro is an Italian designer who will present a collection of unusual limoges porcelain vases. Yaara Rabinovitch is an architect and ceramist. Her studio specialises in the production of handmade tableware using different techniques and materials. The base of her design is geometric and minimalist, inspired by Brutalist architecture.
Sara Bologna - designer and design curator based in Milan. With a background in both design and contemporary art, she develops and manages projects related to the exploration of cross-disciplinary design practices, while pursuing her own design research with a focus on the immaterial and anthropological dimensions of objects. She is project coordinator for 5VIE and teaching assistant at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano.



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