Event 2023

A Future for the Past

Marble, a classic, noble and eternal material, is now given new life through the Greek group on•entropy, with the sisters Niki and Zoe Moskofoglou.
Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

The exhibition's centerpiece, a dramatic sculptural large table, is inspired by temples’ ones  and will be surrounded by a sensory experience made of scents, incense, lights, and old style crafting pieces. Through small holes in the 2 high walls, the visitors will be able to  look into the hidden wooden shelves, and discover different kind of pieces, historical and  contemporary objects which served as inspiration. This is how the story of Tinos and its  sculpting practice will be told, through an immersive, sensorial experience made of lights,  sounds (such as tiny bells clinging together as in Orthodox churches, sound of sea on the  shore) water dripping, little discoveries. The senses are critical in recreating the feel of old  times and the sound plays a pivotal role; on•entropy intends to merge local tradition with  universal appeal, creating a tale of beauty and transformation over the centuries, while  securing a future for both craftsmanship and collectible design. “We would like to recreate  the essence of a temple in the space of Via Cesare Correnti, choosing the backdrop of this  architecture as this typology of building has historically maintained some of the most  interesting objects. One of these, is in fact the table, an item that has actually evolved  within the space of the temple itself: it first appeared in holy spaces with one leg behind  the surface for offerings, and later it evolved into a four-legged piece of furniture – from  Greek language, tetra. The history of the table evolved within the history of the spaces in  temples themselves. The center point of the installation is thus an impressive sculptural  table, a round one made of white marble sitting on two legs, as the minimum possible  footprint on the ground.  

on•entropy seeks to bring Greek charm to Milan, raising awareness and promoting the  time-honored marble history of their country by hasten our senses.  


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