Event 2023

From the Silence

Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

The exhibition and performative actions proposed in the spaces of the Istituto Buon Pastore Foundation, titled FROM The SILENCE / DAL SILENZIO, draw on the experience of silence from deafness and propose non-verbal communication as a primary form of communication, using it to create inclusive artistic experiences. The design object (tables and chairs) becomes the device that allows for the development of other forms of relationships with the world, with nature, with ourselves, opening our imagination and leading us into the dimension of shared silence, of a more intense perception of the people and objects around us.

FROM The SILENCE / DAL SILENZIO is a project that allows the objects designed by T12 Lab to generate spaces for relationships, creating a journey between indoor and outdoor spaces, from the sacred environments of the church to the designed garden, and to the regulation soccer field, promoting dialogue between the hearing and the deaf, between the small community of young guests of the Foundation and the external space. The visitors to the exhibition themselves can be an active part of the collective performances created by Laboratorio Silenzio (a group of deaf and hearing actors), who will perform performative actions from the city towards the spaces of the Istituto Buon Pastore Foundation, bringing citizens to know this unique historical place in the center of Milan.

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