Event 2023

Constance Guisset throws her Surprise Party!

The French Institute Milano invites the designer to unveil her work from April 17 to May 13, 2023. The exhibition has been designed as a colorful bubble, a break in the frenzy of Milan and its Design Week.

On the occasion of this carte blanche, the visitor will discover the creations of Constance Guisset in a festive and evanescent scenography, evoking a show. Through a work of colored lights, the objects in shades of white will be revealed as they have never been seen, revealing their silhouettes and their materials. The installation will be an invitation to embark on a spectacular journey, to venture into a colored haze, to take time for contemplation. Visitors will be encouraged to touch the objects, even to try them out, to extend their exploration. The entire exhibition will present the work of the designer as that of a tightrope walker, evolving between research and realization. As a counterpoint to the completed projects, the creative process will be evoked through drawings, sketches or even inspiration films, revealing the sensitive world preceding the conception of the objects. The exhibition will also be an opportunity to highlight the studio’s work as a whole, through installation, interior architecture and scenography projects. Thus, visitors will wander among the furniture in the central space, before reaching an alcove plunged into darkness where the projects of architecture, scenography and stage sets will be revealed.

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Entry rules

Free access during the MIlano Design Week 2023. After the MDW23, the exhibition will be open until the 13th of May 2023 by appoitment only, milano@institutfrancais.it

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