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Seletti invades the 5VIE district again this year with a big party, open to everyone, to celebrate design.

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Seletti, the Italian design brand known all over the world for its playful and engaging identity, once again this year invites the public of Milan Design Week 2023 to celebrate creativity and talent in its different expressions by joining, Wednesday 19th April, the DESIGN PRIDE, now celebrated as “the most popular party of the week”.

To animate the 5VIE district, also for this sixth edition, together with Seletti, there will be brands that share the inclusive and contemporary spirit of the project: at the forefront, as Main Partner, the 100% animal free fashion brand Save The Duck, followed by Sammontana, the family-owned Italian ice cream company that has been bringing smiles to people for over 70 years, and the disruptive ENGINE, 100% organic and artisanal Italian gin.

Like every year, the meeting to participate to the street parade will be at Piazza Castello (corner via Minghetti) at 6 p.m.: the parade with floats, performances, music, will pass through the city centre until it reaches Piazza Affari for the obligatory party under Maurizio Cattelan's iconic sculpture L.O.V.E. .

WE ARE DESIGN is the message that will once again open the parade this year, spreading a vision of design that goes beyond objects: we are all design, because design means giving significance to everyday life, it means making it more beautiful, it means improving it.

Among the partners of the DESIGN PRIDE, there is also Paridevitale Communication & PR agency, which has been in charge of the development, production and communication of the project.

The DESIGN PRIDE is presented in partnership with NMG/5VIE art+design Association, an initiative with the goal to promote innovative projects in the oldest area of Milan with a keen eye to the design. 

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