Event 2024

"Fan of POP" by Ludmilla Radchenko

A range of creativity by Ludmilla Radchenko.

Milan - Design Week - Wensday 17th April 2023 from 7.00 pm - A creative range signed by Ludmilla Radchenko brings together her prestigious audience in the Robertaebasta gallery in Via Solferino front. 3, in the heart of Brera, one of the areas that most represents Milano Design Week.

The traveling exhibition, entitled "FAN of POP", - now a fixed appointment at Design Week - constitutes an unmissable opportunity to meet the artist and discover something more about her world;

Ludmilla celebrates her 15 years in art, confirming how her sensitivity towards innovation and the future is an important sign of her being and her personal and professional sphere. A career full of successes for the most engaging artist in Pop Art, who has seen, since 2009, a quadrupling of the prices of over 700 artworks sold and certified in blockchain.

For the entire duration of the Design Week, the Robertaebasta space will display not only Ludmilla's unique and original works, but also the limited edition Art Multiples on different media. A great showcase for her famous FullArt and capsule collections created in collaboration with various brands.

The works coming from artist's ten-year experience between 2012 and 2024 will create a dialogue with the historic modern pieces of the renowned showroom, which for the fifteenth year in a row will host Radchenko's art and her artistic research and numerous projects that have allowed her to establish herself as a Pop Artist and Art Designer on an international level.

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Sito Web: www.ludmillaradchenko.art

Email: ludmilla.popart@gmail.com


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