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Corpo Unico

Corpo Unico. LIGHT talks to ART | ART talks to LIGHT

During the Milan Design Week 2024, the emerging company QU specialized in lighting, will present its installation "Corpo Unico” that highlights light not only as a functional element but as an expressive tool. The exhibition will be held from 15 to 20 April in a historic building in the heart of Brera, Milan, with a secret garden. The installation explores the relationship between light and contemporary art with works by the sculptor Salvatore Astore, in a collaboration with Galleria Mazzoleni. The project includes a path that extends from the garden to the interior rooms, where the steel sculptures interact dynamically with the changing light throughout the day, accompanied by a specific sound design. The public can access the exhibition from via Cernaia, where a usually closed gate reveals a green space that invites to a unique sensory experience between art and light.

The concept

The installation, entitled "Corpo Unico", focuses on the relationship between light and contemporary art, hosting a selection of works by the Turin sculptor Salvatore Astore.

The project - coordinated by Aldo Parisotto of Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, with the artistic curatorship of the Galleria Mazzoleni of Turin and the lighting consultancy of Fulvio Baldeschi - proposes a path of discovery through the garden, the greenhouse and the rooms of the domestic interiors where the sculptural presence of the steel works dialogue with the light in a dynamic balance.

The experience

The light, which alludes to the solar cycle and proposes a rotation, changes exactly as the sun would during the day, illuminating the work from a single direction and projecting its shadow in the surrounding space. It will be a colder tone when it comes from noon and warmer when it starts from a sunset. The shadows shorten and lengthen, deform and reveal new and emotional geometries of the works.

The installation also includes an avant-garde "specific sound design", for a unique and sensory light-filled experience.

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Sito Web: www.qu-lighting.com

Email: info@qu-lighting.com


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