Event 2024

House of Switzerland Milano

In a collective exhibition bringing together emerging designers, studios, universities, brands, and galleries from across the country, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Presence Switzerland are once again showcasing a wealth of Swiss-related talents from the world of contemporary design. This collaboration between the two organisations seeks to foster and increase visibility to visionary creatives while giving them a physical platform, enabling them to express a cross-section of narratives to a global audience.   Addressing this year’s project with an intrinsic curiosity, designers have been posed with questions which explore their emotive connection to the design process. In contemplating the sentiments and feelings experienced as a designer and a viewer, on both a collective and individual scale, immersive installations situated within the House and its surroundings invite us to reflect upon the contentment found through our connection to design and the theme JOY.   In exploring the nuances of joy, and its connection to design, we hope to re-establish its importance more than ever within today’s world, while focusing on the need to encourage a culture which allows it to be distributed in equal measure. Displaying the power of collaboration and how design can be utilised as a positive force for change, the House offers a stimulating glimpse into Switzerland’s vibrant contemporary creative sector.
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