Event 2024

Baleri 40

BALERI 40 celebrates 40 years of the brand through an exhibition project signed by Architect Franco Raggi, at the prestigious Fondazione Sozzani.

Inspired by Baleri Italia's Manifesto, created from the work of the Creative Advisory Board and based on the concept of sustainable freedom, the installation aims to give body and substance to the founding value of the light approach to design, both from a material and conceptual point of view. In particular, the space of Fondazione Sozzani, which has always been dedicated to promoting and disseminating contemporary cultural and artistic activity in all its forms of expression, is focused on the figure of Philippe Starck and his collaboration with the company.

One of the first to collaborate with Baleri Italia since the founding of the brand in 1984, Philippe Starck has created furniture that has entered design history. To celebrate his ingenious talent, the five pieces in the collection are not simply displayed but suspended on the walls, and all the parts and components that are not usually perceived are also shown: a large mirror shows off their construction, allowing them to be appreciated in their entirety.

The Café Chair designed for the legendary Café Costes in Paris, the Francesca Spanish chair and the Mac Gee bookcase inspired by Philip K. Dick's Ubik, the Richard III armchair and the President M table dedicated to President Mitterrand welcome visitors with their semantic power, reproduced and re-launched in 2024 with extreme fidelity to the original objects. The pieces are also given due prominence thanks to the lighting fixtures, which create suggestive plays of light. These are the Triedro floorlamps designed by Joe Colombo for Stilnovo, partner of the installation.

The installation also features other important re-editions: the T Table by Angelo Mangiarotti and the Juliette and Capri seats by Hannes Wettstein. Completing and enriching the setting are the poufs from the Tato collection designed by Denis Santachiara and Enrico Baleri and the Cartoons screens, Compasso d'Oro 1994 for Luigi Baroli.

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