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Founded in 1984 by Enrico Baleri and Marilisa Decimo, Baleri Italia has always pursued a design philosophy aimed at creating distinctive and functional design, maintaining a constant commitment to expressive research combined with careful technical product development. This approach has allowed the company to be a pioneer in technological experimentation and material innovation, as well as in the recognition and support of emerging design talent, starting with Philippe Starck, whose collaboration marked the beginning of a path full of success and innovation. Over time, Starck has been joined by masters such as Hannes Wettstein, Angelo Mangiarotti and Alessandro Mendini, creators of products that have become authentic icons such as the Francesca Spanish chair and the President M table by Starck, the Juliette and Caprichair chairs and the Bill sofa by Wettstein, the T table by Mangiarotti.

The first milestone in the history of Baleri Italia came in 2004, twenty years after the company was founded, when Nino Cerruti became the majority shareholder. Thanks to Cerruti's vast experience in the textile and fashion industry, the company benefited from a new creative impulse. In 2014, Baleri Italia underwent a further transformation by joining the AVM Gestioni Group, an investment fund that brings together some of the most important protagonists of Italian design.

In 2023 Oniro Group, the excellence of Italian luxury furniture, acquired the majority of Baleri Italia from AVM Gestioni. The following year, forty years after its birth, the evolution continued with the rethinking of the brand identity from its origins as the basis for a relaunch in the current context. A Creative Advisory Board, made up of leading figures from different areas of the design world, was set up to guide this new evolution through a seven-point Manifesto centred on the central concept of sustainable freedom.

The Manifesto brings together the two great needs that characterise contemporary society, that of ecological sustainability and that of cognitive sustainability, to address the profound needs of today's world and of the people who live in it, who are exposed to an informative burden that is greater than at any other time in human history.

Stemming from the fundamental assumption that the value of design lies in its ability to resonate with the cultural sensibility of its users, the Manifesto takes as its starting point the original identity of Baleri Italia, based on the union of technology and post-modern rationalism, which proves to be the most effective strategy for responding to the need for environmental and cognitive lightness through the definition of a light approach to design. This approach, which combines rationality and expressiveness, is the beating heart of Italian design culture, concretised in a dialogic catalogue in which the fundamental legacies of technology and post-modern rationalism coexist in a new form. These contents are told through a transparent communication that shows the new Baleri Italia, bringing out the authorship and responsibility that characterise the brand's status, expressed through the combination of the material lightness of the products with the density of digital communication typical of today's world.

This renewed strategy, which integrates "sense and sensibility", reflects the identity of Baleri Italia, born from the dialogue between the two fundamental strands of Italian design tradition: techno-rationalism and postmodernism. With its unique positioning, Baleri Italia today stands as the legitimate custodian of Italian design culture.

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