The first award dedicated to the most memorable Design event and to the most significant projects of the Milan Design Week, realized with the contribution of the Lombardy Region, through the call DEMO - Iniziative ed Eventi di Design e Moda.

The Fuorisalone Award selects and promotes both the most distinctive installations on show in Milan (Audience Award) and also contents, projects, activities of interest for the international design community (Special Mentions).

The Audience Award aims at having a democratic value, since it is decided on the basis of direct public votes. The public will be called, for the first time, to vote for the most exciting and incredible installations of the Fuorisalone.

A combined work carried out by a technical committee will instead focus on contents of relevance for the Design sector that are qualitatively innovative and rich in meaning. The selected projects will compete for four special mentions. This section of the award supports the value of Design Culture, which is not necessarily only expressed in its physical and aesthetic appearance, but also in its deeper meaning, producing value and offering alternative and increasingly innovative visions.

How to vote

Fuorisalone.it Award

The Fuorisalone audience will be able to vote directly online at www.fuorisalone.it. The selection of the 20 most memorable installations will be presented on the web page dedicated to the Fuorisalone Award. Users can select their favourite by simply clicking on the voting icon. At the end of the Design Week the voting will be closed and the winner announced.

The possibility to vote for will be active during the days of the Milano Design Week.

Special Mentions

The work of the Technical Committee, made up of professionals from the sector and jurors, will focus on contents of relevance to the world of the project and design, qualitatively innovative and rich in meaning. The Special Mentions aim at recognising the objective value linked to the Culture of the Project, not just the physical/aesthetic aspect of the artefact or installation.
The selected projects will compete for the 4 Special Mentions in the categories:


Projects that create an immersive experience capable of stimulating the senses and actively involving the public.


Projects that give shape not only to virtuous processes and products with a low environmental impact: sustainability as a means for imagining new solutions for tomorrow.


Projects that innovate by restoring a balance between humans and their environment: the use of technology as a central factor in protecting the planet.


Projects that produce a clear and immediate communication design, adopting an inclusive language that embraces human diversity.

The special mentions cannot be voted for by the public, instead the winners will be decided by the jury set up by Fuorisalone.it

How to submit your event

All brands and designers can submit their projects.
By registering and uploading your event page on Fuorisalone.it (through free or paid registration) you can automatically apply for the Special Mentions, thus competing for the selection.

Submit your event

The Jury

Discover the leading names in the sector who will be part of the jury voting for the Special Mentions collected by Fuorisalone.it.

Federica Sala

Design Advisor Federica Sala


Paolo Ferrarini

Design Advisor Paolo Ferrarini

Curator, Professor and Editor  

Valentina Ventrelli

Design Advisor Valentina Ventrelli

Advisor on contemporary aesthetics

Mariagrazia Mattei

Art Mariagrazia Mattei

Founder and President of MEET Digital Culture Center

Nicola Ricciardi

Art Nicola Ricciardi

Artistic Director of miart

Mauro Martino

Art Mauro Martino

Artist, Designer and Researcher

Patrick Tuttofuoco

Art Patrick Tuttofuoco


Francesco Zurlo

Academy & Research Francesco Zurlo

Dean of the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano

Cristiano Seganfreddo

Academy & Research Cristiano Seganfreddo

Innovator and Creative Entrepreneur

Davide Fassi

Academy & Research Davide Fassi

Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano

The Observers

A group of journalists and operators in the sector, recruited by Fuorisalone.it, will select the best contents, projects and activities of interest to the world of design, according to the categories of the Special Mentions, in addition to the applications and recommendations received on Fuorisalone.it:

Clara Bona

Clara Bona

Architect and Journalist  

Elisa Massoni

Elisa Massoni

Design Editor and Content Curator

Patrizia Scarzella

Patrizia Scarzella

Architect and Journalist

Walter Terruso

Walter Terruso


Basil Green Pencil

Basil Green Pencil

Designer and Blogger  

The award

We thought about the award as a form of synthesis representing the complexity of the activities and connections that define Design Week, expressed in the form of data on the Fuorisalone.it platform.
Through a readout of the last two years, which have seen four hybrid editions of the event, the data comes to life in an organic form, thanks to the interpretation of an Artificial Intelligence capable of measuring and representing complexity. The result is an image of the Fuorisalone that is the physical expression of a digital data.
The winner of the Fuorisalone Award will be awarded with the physical prize and a related NFT, through which he/she will be able to visualize in detail the virtual processing of the Fuorisalone data.
The decision to match the award with an NFT is driven by the desire of Studiolabo, author of Fuorisalone.it, to always develop new and innovative communication processes and languages capable of creating a direct relationship with the context, making the most of the opportunities offered by digital world.
The production of the NFT and the management of the digital content of the award will be carried out by Unframed721.

MAuro Martino scultura

Mauro Martino:
author of the Award

The 3D representation of the complex data related to Fuorisalone.it will be handled by Mauro Martino, digital artist, Principal Research Scientist at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab (Cambridge, MA, USA) where he founded and directs the "Visual Artificial Intelligence Lab". Expert in AI - Artificial Intelligence, Mauro Martino will create a "network sculpture", an abstract mathematical construct, a synthesis of the processing of both physical and digital data collected through the Fuorisalone web platform. The result will be a digital diagram made up of nodes (point-like objects) and links (one-dimensional lines) that will also be translated into an organic three-dimensional physical object.

Photo ©Bon Adriel Aseniero

The Fuorisalone Award is made possible thanks to the contribution of Regione Lombardia through the call “Bando DEMO - Iniziative ed Eventi di Design e Moda”.