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The Art of Dreams

The Pattern of Dreams
Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

Porsche returns to Milan Design Week with "The Pattern of Dreams" – the fifth iteration of the traveling art and design initiative "The Art of Dreams” that launched in 2021 in Paris. Held at the Palazzo Clerici, "The Art of Dreams" explores pattern, rhythm, and repetition inspired by the iconic pepita pattern first exhibited in the Porsche 356 and later in the Porsche 911.

Design collective Numen/For Use takes the monochromatic diagonals within the pepita pattern and brings them to life with their monumental immersive artwork "Lines of Flight" – a lightweight construction of metal cells and black and white stretched netting, resembling a cloud of flustered starlings fleeing the black and white matrix. For them, the motif of dreams is an act of fleeing, eluding patterns or old systems, and finding freedom in the unknown. As a "floating landscape”, the installation invites viewers to climb and explore this immersive social sculpture as a "community hammock" and a place of escape, transition, fantasy, and freedom.

Pattern, repetition, and rhythm will be celebrated across various artistic fields as Dutch sibling duo Imre and Marne van Opstal choreograph a spectacular dance performance throughout the Palazzo Clerici on April 16. A limited furniture collection, Vitra for Porsche, will also be unveiled.

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