A multisensory exploration of the states of matter
Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

The shapes that matter assumes through the presence or absence of water draw sinuous and unexpected patterns. Transitions, the installation proposed by Stark on the occasion of the new theme suggested by the Fuorisalone, invites a multisensory and interactive exploration of the transitions created by the relationship between matter and water.  

For the first time, walking into the Sala dei Pilastri of the Castello Sforzesco will resemble venturing into matter in a state of transition, thanks to the signs that the presence or absence of water generates with and within it. As could happen for the soil, the fragmented, hardened and dry lines are transformed through the presence of pervasive humidity, evolving into winding flows in the matter’s internal pathways

This year as well, the composer Paolo Bragaglia will inspire a perceptive exploration through sounds as living matter in transition. The soundscape will thus guide the gaze through the smooth transitions of light that enliven the venue.

The collaboration of Stark with the creative team composed of architects Alice Buroni and Gloria Lisi together with Alex Buroni and Sabine Lindner, leads to a representation of the transitions between the drawn forms by the presence of water in matter, where an unexpected trompe-l'œil reflects matter and human beings as interacting parts of the same nature.

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