Event 2024

Daily tous les jours - Duets: Musical furniture

Daily tous les jours porta i loro ultimi esperimenti di movimento e creazione musicale collaborativa per 5Vie Network con Duets: Mobili musicali.
Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

Encouraging impromptu compositions, Duets features two urban archetypes with an interactive twist: a bench that rocks and plays soothing music, and bollard that transforms the act of walking into dancing. Played by the public as they move, synchronized motions create harmonies, inspiring collaboration. At night, integrated lights elevate the performance to mesmerizing heights.

Duets encourages communal experiences in a calming soundscape. Presented as part of 5Vie Network’s Unlimited Design Orchestra, Duets uses a calming soundscape and interactivity to bring social and therapeutic insights into furniture design.

Duets is composed of two musical furniture playable by the public:

— The bench

The first part of Duets features a sculptural interactive, rocking bench. When people sit and push it to rock or spin, music and light animations are triggered through motion detection, merging analog and digital movements. The bench’s sounds are recordings of human voices, weaving an evolutive tapestry of tension and release.

Part of the Daily tous les jours’ Daydreamer series, Duets uses soothing rocking, known to induce a state of daydreaming, reducing stress and anxiety. 

— The bollard 

An edition of the studio’s Musical Lines series, the second part of Duets is an interactive bollard, with integrated lights, encircled by line insets on the ground.

Touching the lines—whether with a foot or a wheel—triggers its own set of voice harmonies. With increasing movement and simultaneous exploration, compositions emerge, with musical flourishes unlocked through deeper cooperation.


Synchronous activity, according to different studies, strengthens social attachment and empathy among a group well beyond the moment of coming together.
Duets’ harmonies respond to the direction of movements, lines being played and the rhythms of concerted actions. 

Known for creating interactive urban installations that spark joy within public spaces, Daily tous les jours has been pioneering the importance of play and its positive impacts on health and wellbeing.

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