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24d-studio is a multidisciplinary design practice founded in 2008. Our works range in scale from architecture, interiors, installations, lighting and furniture design with a strong implementation of nature-oriented design and digital craftsmanship. Our designs integrate multiple perspectives through interdisciplinary collaborations leading to exciting and innovative applications for clients and end-users. We believe in hands-on approach in design process to understand problems in multiple scales and test ideas immediately.

24d-studio currently operates in Kobe City of Kansai area, Japan. Kobe is a picturesque city edged between mountains and the ocean. Our partnership with nature have established gradually and naturally by us cordially accepting our present surroundings and transcribing our awe of nature into our design works. In our studio, we investigate many means to bring nature into our daily life and thus we operate under the theme of “Living with Nature”. Our design process implements a strong connection between digital and analog methodology, and haptic experience that enriches our lives.

We specialized in architectural design, exhibition and installation design, product and furniture design, digital fabrication and processing.

24d-studio | Office:
5-2-21 Sakaguchi Dori,
Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0062 JAPAN

TEL (JP): +81 (0)78 242 6611
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