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ICS International School (part of Globeducate group) is the first school dedicated to children from 0 to 18 years, and offers an international curriculum enhanced by didactics that develop the fundamentals of design in terms of methodology and collaborative learning.



ICS International School, in collaboration with the creative agency Robert Cutty located in Milan, has given birth to the "Cities of the future" project, a challenge aimed at children, young people but also adults, as long as that they are guided by the vision of a child.
The initiative led the participants to reflect about how cities will be after the Covid-19 emergency, trasuring everything that the lockdown period has generated: new perspectives and points of view, new emotions, creativity as a tool to exorcise fear and estrangement.

It was possible to participate, according to every single participant’s talent and according to the materials used for the project, in one of the following categories:

Visual Arts - Cities and time. For all those who are passionate about drawing, photography, sculpture and all those forms of expression related to figurative arts.
Music - City and music. To express yourself through your own voice and your own body in dance, with the musical instruments you have at home or, why not, building new ones. 
Writing - Cities and man. A category that allowed participants to bring to life some blank sheets through stories, poems or reflections hidden in their pens.

The three best participants for each category were selected by a jury of excellence, composed by Edward Rozzo, Gianna Nannini and Viviana Mazza.

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