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The culture of beauty, the Italian savoir-faire and the visionary design of yesterday and tomorrow

Tacchini is a design company specialized in upholstered furniture with a unique and refined style.

Tacchini is a family history. Founded by Antonio Tacchini in 1967, a historical period of great creative vivacity, when the “Made in Italy” manufacturing excellence was enriched with new aesthetic and functional visions, the company has always placed the idea at the center of every creative moment, from abstract thinking to the three-dimensionality shaping of the object, until it becomes the essence of living.

Tacchini is a reference point in the Made in Italy furniture sector thanks to the constant stylistic and functional research, a strong project and product culture, and great attention toward people and the environment. Tacchini iconic presence in the contemporary Italian design scenario is enhanced by the choice of materials of excellent quality, alongside a constant upgrade of its manufacturing technologies. Tacchini greatest strength, however, lies in the capability of never lose sight of its rich heritage, thus avoiding the possibility of confusing style with fashions and design with simple series production.

Tacchini aims to improve the quality of private and public spaces in a world where needs, technologies, and lifestyles are constantly changing. This is the reason why Tacchini researches and improves its products and services tirelessly, with passion, creativity, and responsibility. The result is an uninterrupted “work in progress” of versatile and original solutions, adaptable to any environment and situation, capable of sparking emotions day by day and lasting over time.


Tacchini collections are made in the Brianza area: all materials and semi-finished products come from an area of about 50 km around the Tacchini factory and this, in addition to allowing direct quality control, also enables the company to minimize pollution and energy consumption resulting from transportation.

Tacchini Collezioni is the line of domestic and contract upholstered furniture, seats and tables signed by the most important designer in the Italian and international panorama, including Studiopepe, Pearson Lloyd, Carlo de Carli, Lievore Altherr Molina, Luca Nichetto, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Gordon Guillaumier and Patrick Norguet, to name a few.

Design Classics is the revival of timeless design products signed by visionaries such as Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni, Umberto Riva, Martin Eisler and Gianfranco Frattini, all edited into a new life by Tacchini  starting from 2010. While maintaining the integrity of the original designs, Tacchini has adapted the pieces to today's production, celebrating the design culture of the past and promoting it through a contemporary lens.

Tacchini Edizioni is the collection entirely dedicated to objects and accessories, which complete the brand's iconic offering. Here the contemporary forms evoke the design narratives of Tacchini's past, in a perfect synthesis between art, craftsmanship, and design.

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