Brands JCP Universe

JCP Universe presents objects of wonder and discovery from an imagined alternate reality. It’s an unconventional brand going beyond the normal commercial framework to open culture to everyone. It goes beyond market trends, bypassing simple variations of familiar styles with pieces of unique identities. 

As humans finally accept how deeply their actions impact the planet they inhabit, JCP brings attention to the subject by focusing on substance. The archetypal forms of the
pieces and the careful selection of their components reflect the eons of cosmic transformation that gave life to everything we perceive. Symbolic artifacts that go beyond the surface, interrogating the meaning we attribute to objects and our choices in life. 

By focusing on the mutable essence of nature, while merging innovation with tradition, JCP Universe forms its own distinctive aesthetic to transform the reality we experience in our everyday lives. The symbolic pieces from this alternate Universe are vehicles of imagination for us to reflect and interpret our way of life in this precise moment of space-time, here on planet Earth. 

Via Montesolaro 14/B

22063 Cantù (CO)

+39 031 7075 777
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