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Creative space Fabbrica Bini hosts Swedish feminist exhibition MISSCHIEFS in a staging of a multilevel experience driven by womxn in the arts and design, in an international intersection of synergy between founder of the space Gentucca Bini and founder of MISSCHIEFS, Paola Bjäringer. The Milan event strengthens its mission as a platform in supporting selected womxn artists who disrupt the order, challenge definitions, and go against the established stream. On the occasion of Milan Design Week (June 5-12th) visitors are invited to immerse in a 360 sensory world of art, design, and craft, beginning from live art studios demonstrating how artists and designers work on-site to an exhibition area dedicated to collectible designs, and a live performance area. For the event, Gentucca Bini’s atelier will be opened to the public to showcase her 2000-piece strong brand archive through a conceptual installation, where some special items will be presented – such as the work uniform and the pussybag. In addition, fifteen overralls will be featured each one inspired by one of the fifteen women designers who will be present for the event. The Milanese edition sees art and design advisor Federica Sala as the curator who chose Milan-based artist Nelcya Chamszadeh-Cantoni to join MISSCHIEFS’ roster, with Alisée Matta as patron, and Gentucca Bini – the Italian ambassador of the MISSCHIEFS project in Milan. The project, from artists to collaborators, to curators, all share a common thread of embodying the punk and radical spirit of being who they are, feminist protagonists who excel at putting together irony and elegance. 
At the core of the event is the original MISSCHIEFS collection featuring Swedish womxn and non-binary designers, artists, and performers selected for the quality, audacity, and punk nature of their work – each one showcasing one collectible design object, handmade in Sweden exclusively for MISSCHIEFS and sold in a maximum number of three copies. 

For the exhibition, the womxen designers include: 


Original Misschiefs collection: 

Åsa Jungnelius, Sara Szyber, Anna Kraitz, EmmaMarga Blanche, Maja Michaelsdotter, Kitty Schumacher, Anita Graffman, Farvash, YngvildSater, Märta Mattsson, Anna Nordström and Milan guest artist Nelcya Chamzadeh

Fine Dying tableware collection:

Anna Nordström, Sara Szyber, ButchXFemme, Maria Pita Guereirro, Lotta Lampa, Isa Andersson. 

Gnilmydcab Collection: Ann-Sofie Back. 

Live Art Studio: Hanna Stansvik, ButchXFemme.

Pop-up store Artists:

Frida Fjellman, Fanny Ollas, Vera Jörgensen, Josefin Eklund, Minna Palmqvist, Isa Andersson, Emilia Sundqvist, Alexandra Karpilovski, Grebnellaw and Lotta Lampa, whose works will be for sale on site, with all proceeds going to The Case For Her, a funding collaborative in support of initiatives for Menstruation and Female Sexual Pleasure, and womxn’s health. 




Caterina Monda


Paola Bjaringer

Fabbrica Bini

Gentucca Bini

Fabbrica Bini – V.le G. da Cermenate, 18 - 20141 Milano
Metro Stop M2 – Green Line: Famagosta | Tramway #3 (stop: Via Meda / V.le G. da Cermemate)


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