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Brand Story
Movement that inspires

We at Kia believe that movement inspires ideas. And that’s why we've created the space for you to get inspired and more time to bring your ideas to life.
Future of Kia
As designers of movement, with the vision to create sustainable mobility solutions for the consumers, community, and the global society, our purpose at Kia is to deliver innovative products that inspire you when you move and deliver convenient and meaningful services demonstrating our commitment with everyone’s most valuable resource, your time.
This is why we exist
To create spaces that inspire our consumers, and not only through our products, but also through our stores, where consumers can touch and experience our products.
Also, we exist to provide meaningful and convenient services that will free up time for activities that inspire you most, like being with your family and friends, traveling, or simply relaxing.
Mankind has evolved through migration. Moving from one place to another, across different continents. This desire and need for movement, is embedded in our DNA as human-beings. When we move, we see new worlds, live new experiences, meet new people, discover new perspectives. We get inspired.
Movement embraces the concept of continuous change; change of our environment, our surroundings, and as a result, change in oneself. When you move, you have the time to think. Movement enables thinking, inspiration and progress.
Kia New Brand
With the new Kia, we will move beyond being a traditional car manufacturer, to becoming a mobility brand.
One that understands consumers’ mobility needs in terms of products, but also in terms of services, providing convenient solutions that respect everyone’s most valued resource, time.
It’s not just something we say, but a purpose we will pursue and act upon, in everything that we do.
Our story
For 80 years, we have been putting people on the move. We have proudly delivered solutions that help people move from one location to another, connecting them with each other, and bridging physical and emotional distances between them. As you can see, movement has always been at the heart of our brand, regardless of all the changes taking place in our industry.
Our mindset
A mindset of creativity, innovation and progress - the unstuck mindset.
We believe this mindset resonates with our consumers.
People with a progressive, optimistic and positive mindset, willing to change themselves and adapt for the future, who are driven by new ideas and see opportunities everywhere.
Design philosophy: Opposites united
We’re taking the idea of opposition and using it to evolve the identity of Kia. We’re using the concepts of disruption and contrast to create characterful designs. Opposites united helps us stand out of the crowd and heralds a new era as Kia adapts to the changing world around us.

South Korea