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Pianca & Partners is a new contract hub promoted by Pianca, the Veneto furnishing complements and home living systems specialist, together with 26 other companies from the furniture and construction supply chain. A network of firms that aims to promote a new flexible, dynamic, bespoke project development model.

27 complementary brands have united to offer seamless collaboration that covers the needs of the entire design chain: Agha, Alice Ceramica, Ardeco, Artesi, Barausse, Castaldi Light, Delta Dore, Diquigiovanni, Dorelan, Falmec, Florim, Garbelotto, K-array, KE, Londonart, Mareno, Margraf, Milani, Nahoor, Nord Resine, Oikos, Palazzani, Pianca, Santo Passaia, Talenti, Vitrik.

Companies who share the ability to promptly deliver bespoke designs to customer specifications, come together to promote a flexible, dynamic system, adopting a method that promotes quality, tradition, research, sustainability and intelligence.

Pianca & Partners creates custom designs, delivering a synergistic response to the requirements of a complex and multifaceted sector.

Pianca & Partners offers customized consulting: constructed around the customer, each project is unique, combining the most suitable products and technical solutions for the individual case.

Direct interaction with partner companies shortens the supply chain, saving time and resources and lowering costs. To simplify processes, each customer can also choose to work with one single reference or deal directly with selected companies.

Pianca & Partners offers different levels of professional skills and services: feasibility studies and economic project analysis for conversions or brand-new constructions, project management and handling of technical and bureaucratic procedures and documentation, development of aspects of structural and systems engineering, site management with supervision of project schedules and costs and completion of works including administrative procedures.

Via Porta Tenaglia, 7N3
20121 – Milano / Milan
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