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Gigacer produces ceramic: large technical porcelain stoneware slabs for architecture.

Ceramic runs through our history, encompassing from the most ancient traces of mankind to the best industrial technology, which allows the production of a sustainable, environmentally friendly, highly resistant, hygienic material and aligned material with contemporary design trends. The ceramic is made with the use natural elements, it is absolutely odorless, it does not burn and, in the event of a fire, it does not release harmful substances.

Made in Italy in ceramics is synonymous with style and quality, thanks to the know-how developed by manufacturing, the refined artistic tradition and also thanks to the contamination with other sectors of the national design industry.

Gigacer, born in Faenza in 2008, is the daughter of this land and these skills. It was born on the basis of an innovative technology for the production of large ceramic slabs and guarantees the best quality standards in the sector thanks to the expertise of its employees, who have grown professionally within the Italian ceramic culture.

Gigacer porcelain stoneware is bacteriostatic, which means that it does not allow the proliferation of bacteria or viruses on its surface, and is notoriously an easily sanitized material, thanks to its hardness and compactness.

The production site in Faenza was built respecting the best European and Regional practices, using cutting-edge technologies and making respect for the environment a distinctive and essential feature of the entire project. The processing waste is completely recycled and water consumption is reduced to the minimum.


The cornerstone of the company’s development is the original style: contemporary, minimalist and refined. Gigacer maintains a unique style right from the start: the materiality of the surfaces and their naturally elegant colors are designed to be a neutral, refined and sophisticated background for living.

Via Caltagirone, 72

48018 Faenza (RA)


+39 0546 637111
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