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News — 01 July 2021

Gigacer was born in Faenza, the cradle of ceramics and cutting edge of industrial and crafting production technology in ceramic materials. This territory contains the right environment and skills necessary to develop an innovative project in this industry, following the most strict regulations on quality and environment preservation. Experience and technological innovation merge into a new way of producing ceramic tiles: flexible, with high quality and oriented to satisfy an everyday more demanding market.

Faenza represents the excellence of Made in Italy for the ceramic sector.
Gigacer was born in Faenza, known worldwide as the cradle of the ceramic. The company stands out for the production of big slabs in technical porcelain stoneware suitable for the architects and for a wide range of natural, neutral and material effects.  The “Made in Italy” in ceramic is synonymous of style and quality: Gigacer provides technical quality, attention to the customers’ needs, optimal hygienical characteristics and, above all, the Italian Style.

How does Gigacer's production process develop?
The production process of Gigacer involves the preliminary preparation of semi-finished products in large slabs of 120X120 or 120X250 cm porcelain stoneware, multilayer or full-body, which can be subsequently cut and cold – modified in many other formats and surfaces. This series of slabs characterized by material aspects and superior technical prerogatives, is produced with mixtures formulated exclusively with natural raw materials, using “Continua” technology since 2007.

What are the principles of design methodology?
We produce large ceramic slabs thanks to cutting-edge technology, in compliance with the European regulations. We carefully take care of safety and comfort of the production personnel, respect the environment and the safety of the site personnel, guaranteed by packaging specifically designed in order to facilitate the handling and being completely recyclable. The company stands out for the product’s breadth, UPEC, ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and a Made in Italy design.

A brief overview of your collections.
Gigacer offers an outstanding range of formats, thicknesses and natural colours in order to design any type of surface: floors and walls, residential and commercial spaces, indoor and outdoor, furniture, ventilated facades and swimming pools. A ductile tool full of solutions for the architectural project. Thanks to the product philosophy kept constant and univocal over time, in addition to the classic presentation for COLLECTIONS, Gigacer creates two innovative systems, AVANTIME and PLAYONE, which combine all the series in an original and transversal way.

What are the active collaborations?
Gigacer has obtained the license to use the colours of the Polychromie Architecturale, the collection of the precise shades of colours that Le Corbusier had considered suitable for the architecture. The series proposes the exact shades chosen by Le Corbusier and used for the ceramic material. Gigacer has obtained from the Les Couleurs Suisse AG in Zurich the license to use the original colours Les Couleurs Le Corbusier on the collection called LCS Ceramics, stoneware for the architecture.

A few words about the new showroom in Faenza.
Gigacer presents its new collection after having completely renovated the showroom and we invite you to visit it and discover all the novelties. Book Your appointment, one of our experts will carefully follow You in the choice of the most suitable product for Your needs and spaces. We wait for you starting from July in Via Vietri sul Mare, 11 Faenza (RA), Italy.

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