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For more than 25 years Horsa Group has been a leading ICT company  on the Italian and international market with core IT solutions such the enterprise resource  management softwares or advanced applications like those for project management, for the dynamic products configuration  and  for the product life cycle management.

During all these years, Horsa has never stopped growing both in terms of skills and ability to innovate, looking for the right balance between the reliability of the proposed solutions and the drive to improve the digital transformation that the market requires.

Horsa is a valuable interlocutor for its customers, who have access to a set of important resources: specialists with great skills, enhanced by the collaborative integration with the rest of the company's skills. A variety of services and products capable of fully satisfying all the customer's IT needs, whatever their market sector.

Horsa plan is the division of the group focused on Project Management, Collaborative Work Management and Team empowerment topics. Formed by professionals with twenty years of experience, it deals with designing and implementing IT systems to support creative, technical or production teams as well as offering 360° training on project management, from waterfall or agile methodologies to the enhancement of soft skills .

Horsa Plan has chosen Wrike as the Collaborative Work Management platform to be offered to its customers, with the ambition of providing an effective and intuitive solution, capable of generating value for any team and in particular for those of Marketing, Creatives and Product development.

Horsa plan expertise is strong  on the following topics:

Intake processing Planning Proofing & Approval New Product Development Project Control and budgeting Resource Management Team Collaboration Integration

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