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Reinforce your creativity without worries

Keep focused on your creations while we simplify your business work!
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Any creative and ingenious activity needs a good quantity of imagination. However, it has to deal with planning, budgeting, people availability, approvals, reporting, etc. Thus, time passes quickly between dozens of emails, too many unnecessary meetings, gathering information or images hidden spread in different places and waiting for approvals that always arrive late.

But what would your working life be like if you could focus on your creativity, while an app helps you organise your daily tasks?

Wrike for Designers is just that! It is a new approach to your projects that delivers a simple and elegant solution to minimise everything that is not the focus of your work.

Wrike is definitely your ideal software because it speaks the language of creative teams and connects to any of your organisational processes. Wrike is a cloud application available on MacOS, Microsoft Windows, mobile iOS and Android. In addition, it natively integrates with more than 400 applications on the market, including those you probably already use!

Wrike for Designers is a Horsa Plan project that combines the experience of a team of professionals with a long experience in the areas of fashion, furniture, retail, product development and marketing with the potential of a software particularly suitable for team of creatives, inventors, designers and artists, who have the will to organise their work in a simple and effective way!

Why Horsa? Because a software solution to be effective, needs, like all other tools or products, a creative stage, design and prototyping, management and delivering that require competence, experience and support. Horsa Plan, the division of Horsa that deals with projects, planning and collaborative work, designs your digital workspace on Wrike and connects your creative needs with operational and management ones to allow you to achieve an exclusive work experience!

Why Wrike? Because Wrike is a collaborative, easy and intuitive work management software that puts the team at the center, orchestrating its activities, reminding you of what to do and helping people to deliver projects. Wrike does not replace you in your creative work, it does not relieve you of the responsibilities of choosing and approving which design is best and it does not suggest what will work next year, but it simplifies all the "management" activities that you find boring, that take you away time and if you forget them, force you to hurry up!

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