Designers Massimo Muiesan Horsa Plan

Massimo Muiesan (Padova, 1969) is an expert in business processes related to the development of new products and marketing.

Graduated from the Politecnico of Milan, he is interested in the design, and production of software that can easily and intuitively digitalise the working life of users. In particular, the focus of his work is the research and development of "user experience" and "user interface" patterns to simplify the man-machine approach and make effective the adoption of management software

He has worked both in Italy and internationally with various IT platforms like Trello and Asana and is currently involved in the business development of Wrike for Horsa.

Recently, he coordinated the development of "Wrike for Designers", a Horsa Plan project that combines the experience of a team of project managers with a long experience in the areas of fashion, new product development and marketing, with the potential of a software particularly suitable for teams of creatives, inventors, designers and artists, who have the will to turn their work into a digital experience with simplicity and effectiveness!

Via del Commercio, 60 

36100 Vicenza

Nation: Italy