Brands Mercato Centrale Milano

Mercato Centrale is an idea that has become a place, a hub for everyone who loves, lives and chooses food.

A new way to talk about food that revolves around artisans of taste and their expertise in an original style whose strength lies in simplicity: because “la bontà è elementare”.


1. Return artisans and their produce to the heart of the food scene.

2. Give back to the city an important place and an ideal marketplace of taste.

3. Devise, design and share cultural events and moments.

At Mercato Centrale culture is nourishment and food nourishes culture. Prestigious events are held here, organized in tandem with local and national institutions in the fields of art, music, science and culture. This is how Mercato Centrale develops its identity as a unique destination that is chosen and discovered as a container of important contents. It is a place where participation is total, where there is always something to see, explore, try and learn on a multitude of levels. The market is never simply a container but a promoter and supporter of special initiatives and collaborations that are high in impact, resonance and visibility. The events held at Mercato Centrale always contribute to the city’s cultural lifeblood and always underline the message that—now more than ever—food is culture.

Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini, angolo Piazza Quattro Novembre

20125, Milano

02 37928400
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