Event 2021

Metropolitan Sounds & Shapes

Photographic installation with sound design by Maurizio Galimberti and Alessio Bertallot

Radio Mercato Centrale is Alessio Bertallot's art-radio project that plays a variation between lo-fi beat records and the soundscape of Milan. The music production technique that uses sampling to reproduce sounds in series and the granular synthesis of the variations, generates a mosaic of sensations of the city similar to Maurizio Galimberti's technique of serial photographic production.

In the artistic installation "Suoni e Forme Metropolitane" the two methods become complementary, creating two artistic perspectives of the same subject: one in space, the other in time. As the images of the Duomo find movement and rhythm, so the soundscape of the square, the choir, the organ and the voices find vibration and transformation. It is a synaesthetic work that creates a vision out of categorization of a topos of Milan.

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