Designers Diego Asperges

Diego Asperges

Born into a family of artists, after the Academy of Fine Arts he began working with his father's Art Workshop where he learned the art of modeling. Create prototypes for famous companies by collaborating with renowned artists and international brands.

His is passion, talent and innovation.

Diego Asperges' art is creativity, synthesis, suggestion.

He uses innovative techniques of great visual impact to create three-dimensional art and his works deal with highly topics like: environment, sustainability, consumerism, virtual reality.

Works of art as furnishing objects is his concept of contemporary living. Art inserted into living as shape, color, materials to personalize the contemporary space and create a visual and mental balance.

In 2010 D.AArte was born from the collaboration with Roberta Pellegrini as curator, AFAM - academic training in the visual arts and history of art.

In the photos exposed to SAC Space of Contemporary Art for the 2019 

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 22/04/1958
(65 years old)
39 334 1315277
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