Designers Corrado De Meo

Corrado De Meo lives and works in Livorno, Italy. He obtained his university degree at the beginning of the 1980’s, in sociology, and in those years he transforms into a profession a passion that brought him, at a very young age, to create jewelry.
After having travelled for long periods throughout the globe fascinated by the cultural roots of anthropology, in 2005, at a jewelry exhibition in Firenze where he exhibits his pieces, he starts dedicating himself to research of contemporary jewelry.
Two of his works – a bracelet and a neck lace- are in the permanent exhibition in the Contemporary Jewel Collection of the Museum of Palazzo Pitti in Florence from 2007, and a brooch is in Cominelli Foundation from 2013. In 2015 he exhibited also at the Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennal and at Dialogues-AGC/JJDA project in Tokio.


"The first cognitive action in designing each work is the definition of its volumes, followed by drawing it in the space and gradually defining its forms exposed to light. Then observation comes: even if the material has been attacked by age, it is always changing its shapes going towards entropy, and according to the physical laws that regulate its structure, it maintains, at every following transformation, even in different shapes, a coherent harmony and aesthetical balance able to outweigh chaos.
While I am producing my work, I reproduce this phenomena and intervene on it, to crystallize a moment on its transformation and make it symbolic. Underlining conceptually that every new transformation in nature corresponds to a new aesthetic harmony, makes me think about life itself and how each everlasting change maintains, apart from a superficial glance, its poetic beauty."

For Fuorisalone 2021 the designer takes part in "Jewelry_at_home" at Archivio Negroni Milano.

Ph. Federico Cavicchioli

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Nation: Italy
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