Designers Stefano Faggioni

Stefano Faggioni, Ugo Faggioni's son (1937-2000), has been the owner of Studio Faggioni Yacht Design since 1999, which has been involved in naval design and restoration for decades.

Studio Faggioni's is a visceral type of restoration that covers all aspects of the boat at 360° and results in the complete restoration of the original appearance and atmosphere, designing with historical knowledge all that has been lost over time.

Under Stefano's guidance, Studio Faggioni successfully restored important boats such as: Black Swan (1899), Iduna (1939), Magda XIII (1937), Javelin (1897), Patience (1931), Deva (1930), Pianosa (the gozzo sorrentino of 1947 declared in 2005 "boat of particular historical-artistic interest" by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage), Lulworth, (1920), La Spina (1929), the museum restoration of the historic boat Il Leone di Caprera (1881) and the recent Bambas. (1927) and Rowdy (1914).

In addition to the project for the replica of Britannia, and the preliminary project for USS Williamsburg (1930), Studio Faggioni has completed the survey and graphic rendering of all the sailing rigging of Nave A. Vespucci, Palinuro and the Brig buried A. Cappellini of the Naval Academy of Livorno.

Since 2020 he has been collaborating with Victory Design for the interior design of Bolide, the fastest M/Y over 24 meters in the world which will be officially presented in 2023. On 6 March 2015 the University of Genoa with the Politecnico di Milano confer Honoris Causa the first Master's Degree in Naval and Nautical Design to Stefano Faggioni.

Finally, Stefano Faggioni is also the interior designer of the Bolide, the fastest yacht all over the world made with carbon fiber that will be presented at the Milan Fairgrounds.

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 15/05/1969
(55 years old)