Mohamed Badr is a prominent figure in the world of contemporary architecture. He is renowned for his innovative, stylish designs that hold a distinctive richness brought about by his passion for people and human connection.

After graduating with a degree in Applied Arts in 1996, Mohamed worked in multinationals until 2001, where he gained the experience, he needed to create his unique fusion of art and function. He began his career in hotel design, and his outstanding performance during this period led to him being promoted in record time.

Mohamed’s motto is “get your hands dirty”. He insisted on learning the practical side of the business before venturing into design, and has applied this philosophy to his projects ever since.

Badr is inspired by stories; he possesses a love of people and connection that he takes with him wherever he goes and which informs all aspects of his work.

A risk taker and eternal adventurer, Mohamed is also a keen traveller, and has visited about 16 countries in his search for human connections and knowledge of other cultures. 

This love of art and life has influenced his designs throughout his career. History, music, nature and human potential exist at the core of every project he works on.

Using this combination of expert practical skill and artistic focus, Mohamed creates sleek, contemporary designs imbued with nature, inspired by music, and informed by life; each one with its own unique story.

Nation: Egypt
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