Designers Passa Ao Futuro

Passa Ao Futuro is a research based non-profit documenting to preserve and promote the intangible cultural heritage of Portuguese artisans and craftspeople. Activating this network through a series of collaborative and educational initiatives. Supporting the sustainability of the crafts through positive social and environmental impact programming rooted in design and systems thinking.

Passa Ao Futuro was founded by Astrid Rovisco Suzano and Fatima Azzahra Durkee in 2016 and is made up of an international interdisciplinary team working in collaboration with partners such as UNESCO Cátedra for the preservation if  Intangible Heritage, FRESS: Fundação Ricardo do Espirito Santo Silva, The Portuguese National Museums of Ethnology and Popular Art, CEARTE - Vocational Training Center for Crafts, Projecto TASA Ancestral Techniques-Current Solutions, SPIRA, Patrimonial Revitalization Agency and The Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship.

Rua da Madalena, nº 85, 3º Andar
1100-319 Lisboa

Nation: Portugal