Tortona Rocks 2023: design to address the challenges of modern life

News, Milan — 07 March 2023

“How Do We Take Care of Tomorrow? Design Instructions”. A question addressed to everyone to encourage alternative lifestyles as a response to the pressing issues we face today.

The programme of events, curated by Milano Space Makers, offers a reflection on how we are all active participants in redesigning a new lifestyle: one that is more attentive to our habitat, centred around human beings and our ever-evolving needs.

Amongst the highlights of this edition is IKEA, with its Assembling The Future Together project: an exhibition celebrating 80 years since the brand’s foundation with a whistlestop tour of its most iconic products from years gone by and exclusive previews of products destined to define the future of modern living.
Archiproducts Milano will also see interior design tinged with a new level of awareness thanks to TERRA, by Studio Pepe. Highly tactile and metaphysical, the project represents a journey into the rediscovery of a more authentic relationship with the planet we call home.
With Paola Navone, meanwhile, there will also be reflections on the durability of objects as a means of breaking the vicious cycle of production and consumption, thanks to Take It or Leave It, a raffle organised by New York-based media company The Slowdown featuring objects collected or designed by the designer herself.

Opificio 31 defends its long-running status as a crossroads of international design trajectories.
The venue will be graced by CESVI and photographer Fabrizio Spucches, along with German Design Council, MR Digital in collaboration with Stefano Boeri Interiors, Prelude, Habits, Fundermax, Toyota Logistic Design Competition and Studio di Progettazione Palladino.

Waste-Less, the pilot upcycling project resulting from a collaboration with AMSA, means that this year Opificio 31 will once again set the standard for sustainable events by taking steps to reuse and recycle all installation materials used.

The exhibition circuit continues in via Tortona with Peugeot and Unwanted Furniture, a project by Open Dot and AMSA.
In via Savona, meanwhile, The Playful Living returns in partnership with Sfera MediaGroup, whilst in via Bergognone, Vanity Fair Italia will present Vanity Fair Social Garden, an urban oasis of relaxation offering a rundown of the highlights of the FuoriSalone.
But these sneak peeks are not all the event has to offer: the programme for Tortona Rocks will see brand-new content being added to the line-up over the next few weeks.

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