CASA CANVAS - an evolving project

— 04 October 2018

A private house become a research place but also an art and of contemporary design gallery, a design studio, styling and an events space.

The Brazilian Thayse Viégas open her project CASA CANVAS in the green Brianza, in an apartment at the ground floor of Villa Stanga Borromeo Arese, an eighteenth-century house on the Lambro valley, with an elegant Italian garden behind.


CASA CANVAS is a gallery devoted to creative young people and the contemporary art, but also a research place, a design studio, styling and an events place. It is a constant evolving research project, all the pieces in the space are on sale and there is an home styling service, a small team of architects and interior designers that works on custom projects.


Thayse use her instinct, her work experience – in her precedent life she was a fashion buyer – at the study and at her emotion for select every new piece to put on the apartment. A curatorship that transform her gallery – house, inside young artists like Ilaria Franza, Gustavo Martini, Sam Baron, Ctrlzak, Giorgio Bonaguro, Cristina Cusani, Christophe Betmalle, Heidi Jalkh.


CASA CANVAS is also a tablewear brend

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