Calvi Brambilla designs the new installation concept for Flos

News, Milan — 21 December 2020

An installation of great visual impact designed to re-establish connections with the local public in every country in the world after the lockdown

The architectural duo had redesigned the historical Flos showroom in Corso Monforte in Milan in 2019.
For Milan Design Week 2020, Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla have come up with a new layout for the showroom, called Elements of Light Tour.

The installation wants to celebrate the dialogue between the space and the objects of light that compose it. This new installation concept is characterized by the presence of large three-dimensional writings evoking the names of the lamps on display.
The names of the products make explicit the concept behind their design, expanding its meaning; the names themselves become objects illuminated by the fixtures to which they belong.


In turn, light itself has meaning as an element and is a clear reference to the strand of modern art that uses words as objects.

For the redesign and expansion of the historic 1968 showroom in 2019, the architectural duo envisioned making it modern, flexible and changeable, as well as supporting new digital communication tools like social media.


Real and virtual spaces merge and integrate, the space is constantly updated and evolving, in line with the speed of temporary communication.
A system of very light double-sided panels allows the creation of niches and micro-exhibition areas for individual objects that can thus coexist without interfering with each other.
The lightness of the panels also allows easy mobility and modification of the space according to requirements. They can also be modified in their aesthetic appearance.

Keeping in mind the importance of digital within the showroom are frames for monitors or graphics, windows to accommodate videos, text, images that come from social or the company's archives.

Behind the lamps of Flos there is a very important story, of great value, and it is right to tell it, expose it and communicate it in the best possible way.

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