The theme of Fuorisalone 2022

News, Appointments, Milan — 09 February 2022

In view of the 2022 edition of Fuorisalone, scheduled from 6th to 12th June, we have defined the theme “Between Space and Time”, a food for thought and a stimulus for all companies that intend to take part in the event.

Space and time are the two dimensions at the heart of the debate and international agendas that today determine the frame of reference for the design culture defining its context of action.

The choice of the theme comes from the observations emerged over the last two years, from the dialogue with companies and designers and from the COP26 programme manifesto: we don’t have much time to think about our space and only planning every action in a conscious way can we think about the future.

The reflection is not limited to this. Indeed, we think of the various possible interpretations of the theme, as it was with Forme dell’Abitare, to give life to communication projects capable of extending the message and sharing different points of view.

For some it may be a useful invitation to remember the importance of dedicating time to one’s own space, for others it may be a warning to design spaces lasting over time or to consider what space to dedicate to time in order to achieve something useful and important for oneself and for others.

From the relationship between these two elements different interpretations may arise useful to broaden the dialogue in an open exchange between professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs hybridising different disciplines.

To outline the working path that will accompany us from now to June 2022 we thought of ten keywords.


In this phase we want to open a dialogue with anyone feeling stimulated by the theme proposed to create synergies and opportunities, confirming the central role of design in shaping future scenarios.

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