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Elad Yifrach, creative director and founder of L'Objet, born and raised in Israel, Elad established himself as an interior designer in Beverly Hills, prior to taking up residence in New York. A lifelong traveler with a global design perspective, Elad imbues every design with its own story. Each collection is a spirited homage to both the cultures which inspire them and the artisans who bring them to life.

Our next project is hopefully will make you reimagine the art of entertaining

— Elad Yifrach
The interview

A conversation with Elad Yifrach

What's the story behind L'Objet Haas Brothers project? Can you explain the concept of this collection?

I met the brothers about 3 years ago in Miami during Art Basel when they were showing their work at Design Miami. We spoke about how we both started our design work in LA. I was then introduced to them by Thomas Rom for a second time about a year and a half ago with the goal of working on a collaboration. The entire collection is a fantasy. It is inspired by the desert in Joshua Tree, California, where Simon and Nikolai Haas often go to feel inspired. The idea is that as the sun is setting, these magical monsters come out to play and bring life to what is normally seen as a beautiful, but desolate, landscape. 


How important is for you to work with artists? Why do you choose Haas Brothers for this project?

Artists get to create pieces that are imaginative and inspiring with no regard to function, it’s a great freedom they have… as a designer of functional objects it is a very interesting balance to bring both the fantasy and function together – the design dialogue with The Haas Brothers was a very interesting process for me to bridge between the two worlds. This is the first artist collaboration that I have done. I have wanted to do one for a long time, as art is very much at the heart of the L'Objet brand. I was waiting for the right artists to make it happen, and I found that in the Haas Brothers. When I met the Brothers, we had such an organic connection that a collaboration became as necessary as it was exciting. Ideas began flowing instantly. What started as a few select pieces turned into a collection that reimagined every category L'Objet offers and came to life as a full lifestyle. 


What kind of relationship do you think exists between art and design?

The line between art and design has become increasingly blurred over time—especially due to visionaries like The Haas Brothers. Much like L'Objet they produce objects that are not only beautiful, but have a function. I think that when you have a beautiful, hand-made piece that not only tells a story but has a function and a purpose, you have something very special—something that bridges that gap between art and design. More and more we are seeing pieces that fill this void. 


For the first time L'Objet will participate at MDW. What does the Fuorisalone mean for you? And what does it mean for Milan?

Fuorisalone has put Milan in the forefront of the design world. I have wanted to participate for several years now but knew that I needed a particularly special collection to do so. Being able to have a presence there only adds to how proud of this special project. The brand has matured in many ways, and I feel we offer a unique design vision. For Milan I think it’s interesting to have a new design brand that comes to present functional objects in an inspiring way, offering a unique experience that transcends and inspires beyond just the obvious function.


L'Objet Haas Brother collection will be purchasable for the first time at MDW, why did you choose Fuorisalone?

Fuorisalone captures the very best in design and art tastemakers across the world. This is the exact audience who appreciates expert craftsmanship—beauty in form and function. I wanted to bring a different experience to MDW where you can take a special design piece back with you from the fair. Usually the audience gets to come and only view the pieces – with us they will be able to get the full experience…. See the exhibit, fall in love and buy a piece on the spot to take home with them. It is instant gratification for the design crowd. 


What inspires your design most?

Previously, my collections have been inspired by the cultures I’ve encountered on my travels. They speak to the customs and ceremonies behind the cultural art of living. That is why L'Objet Haas Brothers is such a departure for me. It’s inspired by a fantasy, not a culture. It’s vision that helps you rethink the way you relate to the objects we use every day.  


Could you now tell us something about your next projects?

I am most challenged by doing something completely different with every collection or project we introduce. I love to push the limits of who I am as a designer and how L'Objet evolves as a brand.
Our next project is hopefully will make you reimagine the art of entertaining…


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