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Maria Cristina Didero is an independent curator and freelance journalist based in Milan; she regularly contributes to Domus and Vogue Italia, and runs her own column called “L’Ascensore” in IconDesign. Maria Crsitina Didero collaborates with a number of institutions both in Italy and abroad, and has curated exhibitions worldwide; among the most recent projects SuperDesign (NY) on Italian Radical Design with a book by Monacelli Press and related film directed by Francesca Molteni; Vegan Design - Or The Art of Reduction, a solo show by Erez Nevi Pana (Milan Design Week, 2018); Fun House by Snarkitecture (Phaidon) at National Building Museum, in Washington D.C. (July, 2018). At Designblock, on the occasion of the Prague International Design Festival, studio OKOLO will dedicate her a show made of visuals and texts.

No fashion week can keep up with it! The Salone del Mobile is an inclusive moment, when the city opens up to everybody through design.

— Maria Cristina Didero
The interview

A conversation with Maria Cristina Didero

Who are your design heroes and masters?

My heroes are those professionals who take part in a project and who’s names nobody - or only a few - know about. I'm thinking about the carpenters, the welders, the assistants and all those who contribute to the success of the finished product. Identifying my masters is easier: Ettore Sottsass and Dieter Rams - I consider them as opposite boundaries of the same geography.

What does the Fuorisalone mean for you?

It is a feast, creativity at its best - even if you work like crazy before, during and after the event. The Fuorisalone shows Milan's quality. No fashion week can keep up with it! The Salone del Mobile is an inclusive moment, when the city opens up to everybody through design, and when design reveals itself even more - if possible - thanks to people. In particular the Fuorisalone gives space to all those projects that would maybe not have seen the light if they had followed regular channels. Milan is the unquestioned capital of design, and so is its Fuorisalone.

Your favourite place during the Design Week?

The street. Walking around the city during the Design Week has a special feeling. You meet interesting people at every other corner, you bump into projects or small shows you had no idea about. For as much as you try to rush, there is always a reson to stop, look and question - so during the Salone it becomes very easy to run late.

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