A story which began in 1953. A name that reveals the origins of the brand, the mass production of technologically sophisticated interior design objects. In over sixty years, Tecno has fine-tuned its business path by liaising craftsmanship culture with industrial logics, in-depth knowledge of materials with innovation, design with technology, working on every scale, from the product concept to the completion of interiors.
Its innovative approach has made it possible to launch products which have become icons along with prestigious accomplishments all over the world for workspaces, waiting areas and collective settings: this has enabled the brand to define its identity as a “design factory”.
The leadership of Giuliano Mosconi - Tecno Spa’s Chairman and CEO since 2010 - led in 2015 to the purchase the Ottagono magazine brand and archive and in 2017 to the acquisition of a majority stake in Zanotta, launching a shared project for the two brands with consequent boosting of synergy and commercial strategy at an international level. Again in 2017, the Tecno group expanded, with the birth of IO.T Solutions, a company dedicated to developing high-tech solutions and software connected to the smart building sector and to the digitisation of settings.
The brand has chosen the historical buildings of the Caselli in the Porta Garibaldi former excise buildings in Milan - in the heart of the city - as its headquarters, and for its offices around the globe it has picked the most important capitals: in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Tunis, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, and its Labs are a place for research and comparison for architects, developers and contractors.

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Piazza XXV Aprile 11
20154 Milano
T +39 031 75381

Design Week

Role of Milan for Design

The capital of Lombardy is well-known across the world as the city that “breathes” design as if it were oxygen. This makes the Milanese HQ of Tecno at the Porta Garibaldi Excise Buildings (in Piazza XXV Aprile) the expression of an essential combination of city and design, tradition and innovation, culture and technology which the brand represents.

Showroom for displays or multi-functional space? How does the commercial space change?

In Tecno’s offices all over the world, we wanted to create places for research, meetings, comparison, co-designing, integrated into the local context: we are in fact convinced that the best projects stem from on-going dialogue with architects, entrepreneurs and workers themselves, to develop not just products or interiors but rather the overall experience of work life and of the relations that constitute it. That’s why our showroom at the Porta Garibaldi Excise Buildings (in Piazza XXV Aprile 11) has become TClub, a space that is open to friends of Tecno to bounce ideas off one another within a workplace and a sharing hub that can be booked with a simple click.

How do you think the digital solution can support the physical event, from the Fuorisalone to the launch of new products during the year in the showroom?

In life, at work and during all travel, all things digital have changed our everyday life and these new approaches have become a part of us. Tecno gets its name from technology - back in the Fifties with the launch of the iconic P40 armchair – with an innovative vision which at the time was strictly analogue and that is focused on all things digital these days. For this reason, in keeping with its history, the brand is the first in the industry to experiment with the potential of the Internet of Things applied to architecture and design. Thanks to the company spin-off, IO.T Solutions, products have been equipped with intelligence so they can connect to one another, with the space around them or with the users, confirming that ability to capture and anticipate changes while retaining a people-centric attitude throughout.

What role do social media play in the brand’s communication strategy

Tecno believes that shared values generate value and that sharing information creates awareness. For this reason, the company has always been committed to conveying design in its every form of expression and strives every day to illustrate and provide its know-how and expertise to extend the community and promote design culture, with social media being one of its preferential channels to do so.

How important is the icon in the brand’s communication strategy? What role do P40, D70, P32 and Borsani play today in Tecno’s marketing?

Tecno has built up a collection of “original furniture, combining the independence and elegance of their design with industrial production principles”, all according to the design ethos of Osvaldo Borsani, its founder. Icons distinguish the brand’s identity and are the expression of a vision which looked to the future from the onset: products such as the P40 chaise longue, the D70 sofa and the P32 armchair, which are all masterpieces designed by Osvaldo Borsani, are vital communication tools and they illustrate Tecno’s expertise, as early as the mid-1950s, in anticipating behaviour with an innovative, trail-blazing offering.

You are one of the most important presences in the Brera Design District, how has the district changed over the years and how important is it for new companies to have the opportunity to display in Brera?

This strategic position, which brings together the best brands promoting quality and innovation, has enabled Tecno to present its “world” and its commitment to redesigning the future workplace. The aim is to turn the headquarters into an active hub through a programme of initiatives which will transform them into the multi-functional door to the city: not merely a static showroom but rather a place to live (the TClub project is right along these tracks) and to experiment with new scenarios.

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