"Dimmi di Vico"

Dimmi di Vico is a collection of videos with guided tours of the studio museum Vico Magistretti. Entering a museum and being guided to discover its heritage is an experience that most of us have had, at least once. The memory we have of them can be more or less satisfying: but what is the secret of a rewarding guided tour? The ability of the guide to tell an objective story, of things, people, events, filtered through his own experience, his own look, his own interpretation. The Fondazione studio museo Vico Magistretti has invited Patricia Urquiola, Stefano Boeri, Gianni Biondillo, Francesco Librizzi and Luca Poncellini to become exceptional guides of the studio museum. In three videos, the professionals involved guide visitors through the studio, among the objects Magistretti had surrounded himself with during the 60 years of his professional life spent in Via Conservatorio and tell the place and the person from his own point of view, through his professional experience, with his memories. Stefano Boeri Architect and urban planner, since 2018 he is President of the Triennale di Milano