City Guide Lines

People on the road need more than bags and clothes: they need some form of orientation in unfamiliar city jungles. That was the basic idea behind CITY GUIDE LINES, the new trip tip platform from FREITAG. In a short video format, creative individuals tell us about their cities: radically subjective, informative and entertainative. From now on, at you can see internationally renowned local heroes such as Milan's doyenne of design Rossana Orlandi, Berlin-based graphic artist Professor Eike König, Viennese savior of the analog Florian Kaps and Zurich designer and non-artist Kevin Fries. It's not for nothing that we like to refer to our CITY GUIDE LINES as a sat-Elite-based navigation aid. 

CITY GUIDE LINES takes the leap onto the mobile devices of contemporary city hoppers in its stride: the go's and no-go's scribbled onto analog city maps can be transferred to GoogleMaps at a click for mobile use and then followed on the ground. 

The new service starts with Berlin, Milan, Vienna and FREITAG's home town Zurich. In the pipeline are places like Rotterdam, Hamburg, Tokyo, Bangkok and a whole bunch of other interesting places. Over the next few months and years, we have plans for FREITAG’s latest baby to grow into a globe-spanning orientation aid.