Belgrade Design Week
— Belgrade, Serbia

17 - 17 February 2017

The citizen’s association “Design Week” is a non-profit private initiative of citizens aimed to encourage the education and reeducation in the field of design and creative industries by inviting the most relevant professionals to participate the international conference, organizing workshops for professionals and students and panels and round tables for experts, co-producing and bringing important international exhibitions. Belgrade Design Week festival was initiated and founded in 2006 by the Citizen’s Association “Design Week”, and since then it is responsible for it’s program concept and organization. BDW tends to connect the creative industries and the world of business without bias, and support Serbia’s and South East Europe’s regional creative development, partnering with both the private and public sectors from all over the world.

Citizens’ Association Design Week
Rige od Fere 22
Belgrade, Serbia
T. +46 0536 840111