Designer A+Z Design by Geneviève Levivier

Geneviève Levivier’s approach combines the sensibilities of a contemporary visual artist with personal innovative technologies, evidenced by her laboratory-like studio. By mixing the artistic gesture, organic materials and bio-sourced fibres, Levivier defends a creation freely inspired by a mix of textile know-how and pictorial techniques. As such, her work has received significant international recognition. Her work makes echoes to the aesthetics of nature in its wild and poetic aspect. The refined colour palette and visual and tactile experience of these tapestries recall minerals and floral elements in an abstract form and organic patterns and refer to the intrinsic link between man and nature. Through a meandering alchemy of sustainable materials and slow processes of creation, she creates openwork textiles and projected shadows wich together evoke a play of light and natural elements, and offers a unending contemplative vision described by Levivier as ‘a space for dreaming’. Her work reinterprets the symbols of tapestry, embroidery or lace, with a sense of surprise, poetry and sensuality of the materials. Translucent and playing with natural or direct light such as textile stained glass, the rich sensory artistry of the series literally shines through and demonstrates Levivier’s ability to perform a material metamorphosis that can be framed or suspended to enhance public or private areas. Creating her artwork in harmony with a place or a theme, the artist develops a dialogue between her creations, the surrounding architecture, the living nature and the natural light, performing the idea of synaesthesia.

Peonies  - Acoustic Sustainable Lace & Digital Creation

Already well-known for its qualities of lightness and translucency Lace has not finished surprising us. What should you think, then, if lace was becoming a perfectly insulating textile, both acoustic and thermal? And what if, in addition, this innovative and sustainable textile had magnificent luminous qualities? Incredible but true! This “Magic lace” is the result of several years of development in Digital Craft, created by Geneviève Levivier within a slow design process and produced by her studio A+ZDesign. More than a technological innovation, it is a digital creation in which the laser is used by the artist as a creating tool like a paintbrush. This refined development, adorned with sustainable and resistant textiles - jute, wool, Texel and European PLA - has innovative insulating qualities. Its sustainable aspect is increased by a product without waste, glue, or colourant. The aesthetic of this magic lace remains delicate with its contemporary and unique patterns designed tone-on-tone - white-grey, white-beige, black-white…- by Geneviève Levivier. Offered as a collection of artistic panels ready to fit in your house, our “Magic Lace” is also available custom made in large panels or in sheets to create monumental panoramas.

Nazione: Belgium