Brands Protezione Casa

With over 15 years of experience in the production of wooden windows, in Protezione Casa we pay attention to new market trends, in order to always offer the highest quality and cutting-edge products. Our strong point is Made in Italy. For this reason, we have chosen PVC windows - aesthetically similar to wood but with all the characteristics of this material - created by SIMAR, an Italian company with high quality standards.

Among the excellent products of our selection, you can find FIBRA, a special type of fiberglass window with a good mechanical strength and a low thermal conductivity.
Furthermore, the SIMAR windows are characterized by a global coating which eliminates any contrast between the internal and external coating films, completely hiding the mass connection of the PVC.

Our aim is to always ensure an optimal result, in terms of safety and thermal and acoustic insulation, without giving up design and aesthetics.

Via Guido Morselli 1/B
Biandronno (VA)


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