Protezione casa

Over 15 years of experience​ in the production of wooden windows. ​Fixtures designed with a ​skilful combination of ​craftsmanship ​and​ cutting-edge technology​, to perfectly integrate every little detail with the environment.​ A hymn to Made in Italy ​that has made ​Protezione Casa​ synonymous with quality and reliability. We have chosen to offer only the best, using ​PVC windows​ - aesthetically similar to wood but with all the characteristics of this material - created by ​SIMAR​, an Italian company with high quality standards.

Among the excellent products of our selection, you can find ​FIBRA​, a special type of fiberglass window ​with a good mechanical strength and a low thermal conductivity.

Furthermore, the SIMAR windows are characterized by a ​global coating​ which eliminates any contrast between the internal and external coating films, completely hiding the mass connection of the PVC.

Guarantee of quality and safety​, without sacrificing aesthetic and design.

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 15 September 2020

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 15 September 2020