Agape12: The Orange Line

Agape12 partners presents their new products in the showroom right in the heart of Brera Design District during Milan Design Week 2017.
The Orange Line, an orange-coloured strip, will connect the floors and spaces in all kinds of different moods created for each separate setting, as aesthetics and complexity guide visitors around the company’s new products in the concept store.

The company’s loyal partners - Agape, Agapecasa, Antrax, Key Cucine, Matteo Brioni - will now be joined by Effegibi, an Italian brand that has been designing and manufacturing saunas and Turkish baths for over 25 years, and File Under Pop, a Danish manufacturer of wallpaper and wall tiles. Brokis and Manifesto Design have also confirmed that they will be taking part.

Thanks to its ongoing scouting work, Agape12 is constantly on the lookout for companies of the highest quality (measured in terms of their aesthetic-functional value and consistency over time) in every realm from worktops, kitchens and lighting to furniture and accessories.

The new products on display first the first time in the concept store include Agape Immersion bathtub resulting from the company’s new joint-venture with the designers Neri & Hu.

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 March 2017

via Statuto, 12


© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 March 2017